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A tool for wealth planning
Marco Petrus, “Corso Italia”, 2007
Marco Petrus, “Corso Italia”, 2007

Who we are

Generale Servizi Amministrativi S.a.g.l. (GSA Sagl) was established, at the beginning of 2015, as a joint ventures between Generale Fiduciaria S.p.A. (which provided tax and financial know how) and Gruppo MutuiOnline (which provided technological and workflow competencies).
Our network (Generale Fiduciaria S.p.A., Generale Servizi Amministrativi S.r.l. and GSA Sagl) provides wealth planning services on over 4 billion Euros of assets, with a team of 20 employees for the benefit of private clients, families, professionals, family offices, financial intermediaries.

We are equipped with a proprietary technological platform, developed internally according to the logic of workflow, which allows  acquiring and aggregating streams of miscellaneous data, normalizing them and making them usable for multiple services.
Nowadays GSA Sagl operates in several wealth planning services:

  • Asset consolidation services;
  • Services for Italian holding companies;
  • Financial tax calculation services;
  • International taxation calculation services.