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A tool for wealth planning
Marco Petrus, “Torre Velasca”, 2005
Marco Petrus, “Torre Velasca”, 2005

Asset consolidation

Our asset consolidation service mainly aims for family offices and financial institutions. It is a stable, flexible and customizable tool that also analyzes the volatility and performance of various types of investments. This high-tech service can be integrated with pre-set administrative and back-office services for the client.
Our technological structure allows us:

  • to acquire in real time data of a financial and non-financial nature from flows or bank documents;
  • to normalize them, and to obtain homogeneous and analytical data even for different members of the same family;
  • to elaborate ad hoc analysis and to predict different scenarios of asset reorganization.

The data are available to the customer through a web-based platform, from which it is possible to monitor the portfolio, perform performance analyses and process reports, also extemporaneous ones.