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Marco Petrus, “Nyutaun”, 2015
Marco Petrus, “Nyutaun”, 2015

International Taxation

Foreign tax credit refund request
GSA Sagl offers a turnkey solution, in cooperation with its network, for the collection of the foreign tax credit (withheld by the issuer jurisdiction) exceeding the conventional rate.
The service is provided on fifteen jurisdictions, including Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, the United States and Canada, for the benefit of Italian fiduciary companies, Italian or foreign corporations, funds, trusts or foundations, individuals.

Swiss tax reporting
Thanks to our international tax expertise, GSA Sagl has also developed an analytical data-entry service for the processing of tax statements for Swiss reporting purposes. Our report is:

  • propedeutical for the preparation of the Swiss tax return;
  • prepared for the benefit of individuals who hold financial portfolios with high turnover, characterized by the presence of non-traditional financial instruments such as derivatives;
  • related to a single bank relationship;
  • clear and analytical.